Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Oh yes, I have this blog I am supposed to update and throw cartoons up on. Well, lemme see what I can talk about... Oh. I have it...

So about five or six years ago, I wanted to make a Phantom Of The Opera-style character for AMPUTHEATRE. He is after all one of the classic monsters, and he for sure needed a representative Slasher in my horror fighting game opus. Trouble was that the actual Phantom doesn't really have any abnormal powers. He's just a music teacher with a scarred face, and AMPUTHEATRE already has a wildly uneven beef-stroganoff-face-to-GQ-looker ratio.

So I delved a little bit into Phantom folklore, and found out that Tony Todd once portrayed him on Broadway. At this time, Bill Cosby was making headlines for NO, NOT THE RAPES; he was approaching any podium that would have him and order black kids and black performers to stop swearing, pull up their pants, and quit embracing the thug life. So an African-American phantom determined to educate the inner-city youth on Shakespeare clicked with me...

And Fantome is one of the better characters in the game, I feel; his move set is cool and his man-catcher theater hook is quite iconic. Plus I got to make a black villain without falling on obnoxiously overdone stereotypes. Which is nice.

So what I want to ask myself today is this: Would I have conceived Fantome if Andrew Lloyd Webber said "NO; THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS WHITE, HE'S ALWAYS BEEN WHITE. TONY TODD CAN'T PLAY HIM, FUCK OFF"...? I can't say for sure.

Shorter Stan Lee: We made Spider-Man's costume full-cover so he could be any race, BUT HE'S WHITE. Does it genuinely matter?

...Why are so many of you comic book fans so creatively incarcerated and weirdly conservative? You swallow so many notions about these goofball stories, like rings that can affect anything except yellow things, a pair of glasses making Clark Kent indistinguishable from the train-hefting man-god, and the fact that DEATH FLAT-OUT DOESN'T WORK IN COMICS because these costumed cretins just come back twelve issues later.

Creativity will always blossom, just give it a chance. Make a black Spider-Man.

Hell, they made Jesus a white dude...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cheez-Its are EVIL

...Hello there, Deep Fried visitors! As I currently stuff myself with Hot & Spicy Cheez-It crackers (my wife is trying to kill me) I thought it best to kind of tell everyone what's been up lately.

Hopefully you guys are enjoying the cartoons. I get a few likes here and there- and thanks to sweet people like you, I'm earning a decent chuck of change from it. It's good to be doing it again... I always told myself I shouldn't due to the dichotomy of being an artist who builds figures of no sociopolitical slant who then turns around to draw something the complete opposite. But [back of palm to forehead] perhaps my own demons have always proved the worst.

Hope you Northeasters are surviving this cold all right. I wanted to hold AMPUTHEATRE today (it being Friday the 13th and a national holiday) but too cold fuck it... Wanna see what else I've been doing?

...Fairies! Each of these stand 2" high. They've got their own section in the Etsy store and I'm wanting to make their section as robust as the Dragons shelf in the Hungerford studio. Go buy all of these. It's important.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Perky & Slick 2015-1-30: "Grammy Awards"

New Perky & Slick! Support this comic with as little as $1/month on their Patreon page! (Yeah, I know it's late. S'matter? I can't have a bad week; where's that written?)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perky & Slick 2015-1-20: "Why Don't You Draw Mohammed"

This week, an answer as to why Mohammed never appeared in P&S, followed up with a COUNTER-question! Support this comic for as little as $1/month on their Patreon page!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Perky & Slick 2015-1-12: "Hebdo Von Frankenstein"

This week, can Kirby DeLauter Von Frankenstein's monster speak sense to the crazed mob? Read it embiggened here and support this comic with a pledge as small as $1/month on their Patreon page!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015