Monday, October 21, 2013

And the beat rolls on...

O Embleer Frith do I not update this thing. Well as it looks like you can now embed Facebook posts on your blogs, and I post on THAT super-duper regularly, I'll slam them up here now. More dumb movie reviews, more pipe cleaner tomfoolery, and more weirdo rants. Just no more Cracked photo contest entries because if their means of embedding photos on their forums were a pizza, it'd be foreskin and guano with extra vomit- thick crust.

So what's up? My work is currently at the Strong Museum of Play through January, which is AWESOME. There's a dragon up there with a five-foot wingspan you need to see, as well as a huge Gnash figure who almost didn't get in because he was "too scary".

I'll also be at the Mayday Underground Art Fair at the Armory November 2nd and 3rd, selling beasts for fun and profit. See you there?

Friday, October 18, 2013

read a post from Chris about "Ender's Game" and how he refuses to watch it, because author Orson Scott Card doesn't want anyone to know that he is gayer than a "My Little Pony" marathon hosted by RuPaul. While waiting for the glue gun to heat up so I can build crap, I thought I'd talk about some of MY entertainment boycotts to loan some perspective.

This isn't something I like doing, let alone champion. Separating the artist from their output is to be admired. But y'know, every time "Rosemary's Baby" shuffles up in my Netflix queue, I think, "Man, am I glad I saw that before I discovered that Roman Polanski is currently wanted across the Atlantic for rutting a tween." Because it is, after all, "the greatest horror film ever made"- a film so good it should be Exhibit A in a pedophilia trial. (I want to be the judge: "I SAW it. It's slower than geese in a crosswalk. Fifty years; no parole.") And rocking out on the music I do, there's always the urge to give a listen to the ever-influential black metal crafted by Burzum. You know Burzum, right? It's a one-man-project: Varg Vikernes performs all the vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, automatic weapons possession, church-burning, racist propaganda, and jail time. Oh: AND he murdered Euronymous of Mayhem- just in case your testes twisted over "automatic weapons possession" being included above. ("But Gil; Varg didn't USE a gun- he STABBED Euronymous and HE said it was self-defen-" IT'S NORWAY; LET IT GO)

...AND GIL'S PIPE CLEANERS COME FROM CHINA. Yes, let's put an end to the flawed notion that a boycott is a glorified attempt to be free from all wrong-doing; no one's necessarily surrendering the country back to the Cherokee, are they? But it find it's okay to draw a line in the sand and say "No more." That's just a personal view and it doesn't have to, to...

...You know what? Fuck that wall of text. I mean, thanks for reading it and coming along THIS far, but this is writing is all stream of consciousness. Here's all I really have to say: Did you eat any Chick-Fil-A last year once you found out they were run by homophobic sludge...? Me neither. SO DON'T WATCH "ENDER'S GAME". Consistency, people!

One last thing: I long for the days when an asshole can be called an asshole without betraying any sort of ideology. Since my transformation from Incendiary Partisan Cartoonist to Evil Toy Maker, I realize my opinions CAN reflect on my output and I actively try to make my rants less "Nugent" in their delivery. AND IF THERE IS A GOD, THAT WILL BECOME A PROPER ADJECTIVE...