Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Your humble Gil-Monster has been gone for far too long of a time. AYE SOWWY!

...I hope that this is a good enough reason: my wife and I bought a house. Woo-hoo! No more Gil-Monster the apartment wastrel; now it's Gil-Homeowner-Monster. I'm just finishing up my studio- I'll have photos of that up soon, because dammit, it's MY studio. Tailored to ME.

So apart from the house stuff and the apartment cleaning and the mortgage squabbling and the moving in...? Well, let's see. Revamping the AMPUTHEATRE website. Making a new board game. Tweaking another. Still playing Left 4 Dead. Not giving a low-flying fuck about Quentin Tarantino and whatever in-joke-laden self-portrait he's got hanging in the multiplexes right now.

Any new artwork...? Okay, here's some:

This is a figure of Stabbity Ann of the Roc City Roller Derby. She's "married" to my wife Dee Fenestrate, making her my derby in-law, if you will. The hardest part of this figure were the fishnets- I painstakingly drew them on. and then covered them with armor and kneepads and crap. Stabbity loved it. And now lotsa ladies of the RCRD want one. Boo-yah.

And as such, I am waaaaay behind on custom orders. I'll be back sooner than later, I swear. Part of the New House Resolutions was to restore my internet presence. I'll stick to that- really.

Especially since I am now the unofficial emcee of the Roc City Roller Derby, and I wear a top hat and throw shirts at people in the stands- which exponentially increases one's notoriety, it seems...