Monday, October 1, 2012


Back from the Roc-Con at the Main Street Armory. I would've posted sooner but I got hit by a nasty post-stress cold. Tuesday night was spent holding most hallucinatory conservations with my wife about our new cat Black Francis, who has polydactyl claws and no tail. And no manners. He's trying to steal my pizza roll lunch as I'm typing this.

Some pics for you., As well as an unnecessary comma resulting from Frank's pounce on the desk:

My set-up, three hours before doors. Check out those two fig buckin' dragons I made. Bags That Bite and Fairy Doors are off in the back, keeping tabs on the only garbage can for miles.

Another one of those intergalactic racists tooling about, polluting the air with his foul  propaganda. I don't understand how they keep getting in.

Evil Warden Tom helps returning-from-last-year-player Cody remember how to best ruin other peoples' days.
Buffalo AMPUTHEATRE fan Brian (revving up one hell of an armpit fart) does his part to woo America's tween population from anime.
Vulch (right) conjures a quicksand pit beneath Crucifiend, holding him still for Willy Mammoth to snip off his head.

Willy Mammoth (right) stares down the arena's missilebitches, which includes everyone but him.

So as thrilled as I was to finally go home after spending a weekend away from my wife, punishing my lower back with plastic chairs and hardwood floors, you can imagine how delighted I was to open my email Sunday night and find out I'm returning to the Armory on November 3rd as part of Mayday Underground! I am of course, thrilled. I've been trying to get into this show for... two years now? BOO-yah.

I've also got a date for the Vertex Goth Garage Sale, where AMPUTHEATRE and Chenille Macabre ache for your time and money.. It's Oct. 14th, from 5 to 10pm.

AMPUTHEATRE will also be at Millennium Games and Hobbies on Oct. 12th, from 7-10pm. Join us.