Monday, March 30, 2009

New Slasher: Kaiaphas

Oh yes. I forgot to mention that at SIMCON, a new Slasher joined the AMPUTHEATRE Rogues' Gallery: Kaiaphas:

Formerly an enforcer of the brutal Third Eye gang operating out of Los Diablos, California, Diego DeJesus gave no quarter and asked for none- that is, until his AMPUTHEATRE competition. Convicted for murdering four families in a turf dispute, DeJesus was sentenced to battle Lycosus and several other convicts to the death. As the battle raged, DeJesus lost both of his arms to an opponent who happened to procure a chainsaw in the arena. In this moment, DeJesus was terrified by the realization of his own mortality, and sobbed uncontrollably. Out of panic, he turned to Lycosus- the only Slasher he witnessed using magic in the conflict- and promised unwavering loyalty to the Spider Priest if he could be saved from death. The flattered Lycosus agreed, and conjured four arachnid-like limbs in DeJesus’ arm stumps to replace his lost limbs. Now the loyal bodyguard of Lycosus, DeJesus has taken the name of Kaiaphas at the Spider Priest’s behest. In an act of disrespect common amongst initiates to the Spider Cult, Kaiaphas wears a crucifix covered in cobwebs.

Kaiaphas is a Slasher serving as a replacement for Kali, whom I decided to remove from AMPUTHEATRE (aside from the theological reasons, I thought she looked a little too much like Goro and Sheeva from Mortal Kombat, honestly). So with the market opened for a four-armed Slasher, I whipped up a henchman for Lycosus.

Kaiaphas has many Hold attacks, a Charge he can use from the Rising position (which I never got to use because it requires all four arms, and that meant dropping the Outboard Motor he picked up) and his Hourglass Smash- an attract move that pulls an opponent into a Stunning headbutt. It's a sick attack that gets sicker the more arms he has free.

...I might make more henchmen for Lycosus- but sparingly. I've tried in the past, and Kaiaphas is the first one who has stuck with me.

He won the first AMPUTHEATRE game on Sunday; killing four Slashers with the Outboard Motor. BWA HA HA HA HA HA...

Roller Derby Fever at Chenille Macabre!

Well, this weekend was busy. I'm back from a big ol' AMPUTHEATRE game at SIMCON, and I had a great time. Thanks to all who came out and played The World's Goriest Board Game. It sounds like many of you have been eager to play, and I'm delighted that you finally received your opportunity. As always, figures are available in the store, and I'll be adding new ones over the days to come.

But not this week. I wanted to take a quick reprieve from AMPUTHEATRE to put up something new...

With my wife joining the Roc City Roller Derby, I was inspired to make fantasy roller derby miniatures! Groove to these deluxe miniatures all cruising for brusings on the bank track! The undying vengeance of the Onryou! The dirty tricks of the She-Devil! The petrifying gaze of the Medusa! And last but never least, the no-nonsense grit and determination of the Derby Girl! All handmade, all unique, all signed! Buy yours today! (Miniatures sold separately.)

...I so badly want to make a board game with these girls. Oh yes.

Any offers...?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Behold: Crossface!

I noticed that the Psychopath Miniatures section of the store was running a little empty, so I threw some new miscreants in there. Go check them out.

I've also (finally) uploaded new photos to the Chenille Macabre Gallery. With my favorite sold pieces, it's over twice as big as before. I'll be changing a lot of my links to here; relying on deviantART is a little tacky. (Forgive me if comments like "Boy, I'd sure like to have that" wear on a soul such as myself who 1) dwells in a world built upon trade and transactions and 2) wonders what part of the "Buy me!" link seems to confuse people...)

On the AMPUTHEATRE front, I'll be at SIMCON at the University of Rochester this Saturday (12-4 pm) and Sunday (9:30- 2pm) to run a demo of its horrific gameplay. Come see me!

...I'm still waiting on the rulebook, nonetheless I'm going to keep making AMPUTHEATRE figures to stock the store...

...such as the evil reverend Crossface! On sale now!

...I know, I know- not quite as good as the one I made for my sister:

...but not only is he just a tad out of scale for tournament play, but I got the vibe that the Build-A-Bear Workshop didn't seem like they ever wanted to see me again. They don't offer little black hearts to sew into your bears, sadly. Besides, using real Bibles for the skirt gets expensive.

See you at the Con!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chenille Macabre on Toy Break!

I woul 've poste this sooner, but we've ha no hot water for a few ays, which has ma e me hate everything that oesn't offer me anything but cleanliness. Including the "D" key on my keyboard. Little fucker. Staring at me weird... you saw it; he wanted to start up some shit...

But now we're back.

If you check out the Chenille Macabre Home Page, you'll see my work featured on the March 16th episode of Toy Break! It's an excitedly positive review around the 19:15 mark. Thanks go out to Colby for sending the monsters he bought at ZombieFest 2008 off to the show, and to Spencer in Lawrenceville, GA for alerting me to the show (and for buying the adorably repugnant Rot Demon)!

On the AMPUTHEATRE Home Page is now a "Store" link that directly takes you to the AMPUTHEATRE section of the Etsy store, to make the purchase of figures easier.

And while we're on the subject of AMPUTHEATRE, two more things...

  1. I'll be at SIMCON 2009 in my hometown of Rochester, NY this coming weekend of March 28-29, hosting an AMPUTHEATRE Splatter Royal, which is just basically people rotating in and out as they slice each other to ribbons. As always, there's no pre-registration; all you need is your con badge and you can play.
  2. Evil Warden Jeff Thelen has started up an AMPUTHEATRE FaceBook group. Of course, anytime I link to something in FaceBook, it never works- so if you're on FaceBook, and you want to be a part of the group, you know what to do.

...By the way, a few of you have alerted me to the new game for the Nintendo Wii- MadWorld- an outrageously violent game which possesses the same spirit of AMPUTHEATRE, with my favorite style of artwork (black, white and red all over). It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sadly, I don't have a Wii (I've never been a big fan of Nintendo) so I'll either have to wait for SEGA to make it for my XBOX360, or swap consoles for a week with my Wii-owning friends Chris and Justine Pallace, who I know want a week alone with Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Condemned: Criminal Origins...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...but you wouldn't know it

...C'mon, Gil. How hard can this thing be to update? Oy.

It stems from building monsters every day- which is near to what I do nowadays- leaving me little time to wax poetic on teh intrawebs. And when I do get some time, I don't feel exorbitantly witty or anything... so my blog just rots... unloved... blah... tell Laura it loves her...


Well, I will be at Horror Realm 2009 (formerly the ZombieFest) in Pittsburgh, PA this fall. Which means there will be Chenille Macabre, there will be AMPUTHEATRE, and there will be me spending my hard-earned pipe cleaner money on more hard-to-find horror memorabilia. Last year's swag included a Dawn Of The Dead T-shirt autographed by Ken Foree and this striking image from a crazy-pantspants-carzy named Joshua Hoffine- which I also had autographed, and framed for my wife for Xmas.

The rulebook for AMPUTHEATRE is coming soon. The website is also being updated, a piece at a time. The figures are out now, and you can buy them here.

Our newest Slasher, the sinister Bagman, is both for sale and part of the Etsy Dark Team's Monthly Exhibition for March, as well as two packs of my Zombie Minis! Go check those out.

And gosh; is it me, or do Gnash and Jinglebunny look just a little different than last we saw them...? That's because they, along with a certain eyeball-yanking phantom, have been bought; boo yah!

So I put new figures of them up as soon as I could. Which brings me to a certain point I need to make: when I remake figures, I'll be making them a touch different every time. This is my creative license.

But under no circumstances will they play any different.
A Jinglebunny with googly eyes has the exact same Slasher sheet as one with felt eyes. Yes- I understand the prospect of lots more money trickling out of my hands, whizzing down my leg, and into the sewer, but in my opinion, getting two different characters out of either a different pair of pants or- worse- a more dramatic pose is... what are the words? Right. Really, really ashamedly LAME.

I told myself I'd build at least one more psychopath mini tonight. Don't forget: Horror Realm 2009!