Monday, October 26, 2009

Criminals can't vote

eez Lou-fucking-wease, my eyes are going to fall out of my head from posting a whole crapload of Etsy monsters. But I gotta plug myself at least ONCE this week before the happiness of Halloween begins. Still got a few beasts and bloodletters to ship out in time, too. So without further ado:

Trigger Treat is in the store again, just in time for October 31st! This is the funniest shirt I've ever given him.
And all new miniatures in the store as well! Spiders, ghosts... spokesmen for Mental Crowbar... Browse, please. Bah mah sheeit. And send me money: Left 4 Dead 2 comes out in NOT SOON ENOUGH and I want to unconsciously rob myself of a social life. Speaking of which...

On Friday, Oct. 30th, there will be a Zombie Walk outside of the Little Theater, where I will shamble as a proud member of the Roc City Roller Derby. There will be a horror movie marathon as well, beginning with Night Of The Living Dead. Go here for the complete schedule.

Then on Saturday (Halloween itself!) I will be at Rudicon 2009 at the Rochester Institue Of Technology hosting a game of AMPUTHEATRE. The game will run from 11am to 3pm. Thanks to the Rudicon staff for accommodating me with an unorthodox time slot. It's very cool of my alma mater to ask me to run The World's Goriest Board Game on the Absolute Best Holiday there is, right?

Okay, an eye fell out. Lemme find it while I still have some depth perception. Happy Halloween, y'all!

(Hah! Found it! Now where's the spirit gum...)

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