Monday, May 17, 2010

There will NOT be a Hsu Hao

ack from a little trip from my home state of Pennsylvania. Ah, Pennsylvania. Where "JELLY BELLY, HOMEMADE FUDGE, STUN GUNS, KNIVES," and "SWORDS" all read on the same electronic highway marquee. Only you, PA. I love ya. Anyway: saw my parents, saw Doc Sk8, saw the Steel City Derby Demons kick visiting roller derby butt (209-30!) , saw my aunt and saw my nieces. A great getaway.

I made a new section to my Etsy store. It's called Grim History Miniatures, and it's gonna feature real-life terrors from our fearful olden days. Look for plague doctors, pirates, executioners, and other such scary reminders. If it does well, I'll plumb the pages of our past for more miniatures.

On the side, I'm currently reviving my deviantART page with some Mortal Kombat figures.
Mortal Kombat 9 is coming out this Christmas and in the mad dash to find out any and all information about it, I'm throwing my artwork into the pandemonium for publicity:

First off is one of my favorite guys, Sektor:

...Here's Tanya:

And here's Kobra, whom my friend Cuss Muffin says looks like Sam Elliott as Buzz Aldrin. I don't know if I can make that, so I'll accept that as a compliment:

This shit works. My Boomer Mini from Left 4 Dead is approaching 7,000 views now.

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