Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from the holiday

Hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Notice the width of your monitor screen...? That distance is an inch or two greater more than the one I drove my car through in order to avoid hitting deer on the interstate last Friday night- thank you, years of video games. Oh, and there was also the Mensa graduate in the pick-up truck who wanted to make a U-ie onto I-90 Northbound- and the ass of his trailer home is hanging out into the left lane. Fortunately I was only going 75 mph, and I've managed to pick most of his family out of my grill.

In spite of that little snarl-up, it was good to get away. I got to hang out with my parents again, pick through more spiky metal crap for building, eat Primanti's, and see Mike and Chris again. That had been too too long. Lemme know if your kids need any more comedy material, guys.

As you might have guessed, we got to finally check out the Monster Mini Golf. Last year at ZombieFest, we never got the chance, as close as it was to the venue. Fortunately my parents live near the area, so my wife and I took my mom. Lots of animatronic horrors bouncing about. The darkness and neon hides a lot of small tunnels about the maze-like course, suitable to putt through and maintain par.

Way back at UBCon 2008, Evil Warden MOAD Terran HQ snatched some photos of the madness that is AMPUTHEATRE. And now I have a chance to post them:
This is Ling Chi, a kung fu master with a bushido mask and human flesh flags flying from his shoulders. He knows several different martial arts styles and demostrated every one of them on The Thicket in less than 1/10th of a second.
One of the more popular of AMPUTHEATRE's Slashers is Gutwrench; a robot specifically built to kill the serial killer Jinglebunny. In this photo, we see that Gutwrench forsakes his anti-tank rockets, buzzsaw head and wood chipper morphing abilities to wield a wicked-ass steak knife! ...Ling Chi! CATCH!!!
Then the Slashers all warmed themselves by the Sacrificial Fire Pit.
Mandibula seemed exceptionally cold.

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