Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi, I'm The Gil-Monster

...Let's just launch this mother. Buenos nagas. I'm The Gil-Monster. I'm a sinister toymaker lurking about upstate New York and building all sorts of hideous beasts out of Chenille stems (that's pipecleaners). I use felt, paint, marker and lotsa other things, but yes... pipecleaners.

I started working with pipecleaners when I was four years old... just twisting them and making shapes. Now thirty years later, in which my sense of humor got twisted and then twisted again and then twisted a lot more, I'm building horrors similar to what you see in the slideshow in the sidebar. I am a fan of heavy metal music, horror films, and violent video games... which may have a faint influence on my work; you tell me.


Because of my passions I've invented and patented my own board game: AMPUTHEATRE; a gruesome affair which involves incarcerated serial killers fighting to the gory, bloody death. Instead of miniatures, AMPUTHEATRE employs action figures with removable heads and arms. Decapitation, dismemberment and even immolation reign supreme in the World's Goriest Board Game. You can read more about it here.

Meets for AMPUTHEATRE will be posted on this site- whether it's for a gaming or horror convention or just a meet somewhere in the city. Check the game out- you can jump in at any time in the action.


I also sell my pipecleaner work online. At Chenille Macabre is where you can purchase handmade, original pipecleaner monsters, all unique and signed by me. Each monster is built from scratch and poseable upon completion. The actual site is a little under construction right now... you can also go to my Etsy page and purchase work there. New additions to the store, as well as what's in my showcase, are featured in the sidebar.

And yes, I do do custom work, so don't be afraid to ask.

Chenille Macabre is a proud member of the Etsy Dark Team; a band of similarly sinister artists all promoting each other. Please check out their wares via the bottle link in the sidebar, and then check it out again... new work and new artists are added all the time.

So hello, good to meet you and I'll be in touch.

Vaya con dios, Slayers.

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