Monday, October 21, 2013

And the beat rolls on...

O Embleer Frith do I not update this thing. Well as it looks like you can now embed Facebook posts on your blogs, and I post on THAT super-duper regularly, I'll slam them up here now. More dumb movie reviews, more pipe cleaner tomfoolery, and more weirdo rants. Just no more Cracked photo contest entries because if their means of embedding photos on their forums were a pizza, it'd be foreskin and guano with extra vomit- thick crust.

So what's up? My work is currently at the Strong Museum of Play through January, which is AWESOME. There's a dragon up there with a five-foot wingspan you need to see, as well as a huge Gnash figure who almost didn't get in because he was "too scary".

I'll also be at the Mayday Underground Art Fair at the Armory November 2nd and 3rd, selling beasts for fun and profit. See you there?

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