Monday, November 11, 2013

New work going on...

So I got a hold of these styrofoam packing blocks from... something. Like four of 'em. I figured I could use them to prop up my miniatures and figures at the craft shows. I'm not able to package my guys, so if i can put them in somewhat natural surroundings, it will definitely sex them up. Here's what I came up with:

For the fantasy miniatures, I made this ersatz Castle Grayskull. The textures and turrets are from a cardboard wine crate box, while the skull is a Halloween prop I had lying around. Some fleck stone and plastic grass from Dan's Crafts & Things top it off.

Little more fancy here: my survival horror diorama. I spray-painted the block black, and then attached popsicle sticks and mesh, with two long unsold minis behind it. I like the dumpster and the power box.

Lots going on this weekend. First is AMPUTHEATRE at Millennium Games, Nov. 15th, Friday night at 7pm. Then, I'll be at the Museum of Play once more, Nov. 16-17th as part of their Science Fiction exhibit. If you can't make that, I've been asked to return to the South Wedge Holiday Festival, December 7th, next to Lux Bar & Lounge, 10am-6pm.

New monsters in the store include this Nuclear Mutant. Now go buy stuff.

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