Monday, September 29, 2014

Ewww, there's like an OLD COCOON in here...

The new Perky & Slick is up on my Patreon page. Become a patron to read it now, or wait till Thursday now that all the comics are free to HOLY FUCKING ASSBASKETS; GIL IS USING HIS BLOG AGAIN! And there's an up-to-date convention calendar over there, and a Twitter feed, and a link to his studio and what the bloody monkey shit; I no longer know WHAT IS REAL

Facebook is getting tiring, that's for sure. Oh, I'll be there again and again, but nothing sucks the steam out of your witty little humorous post of the day like your up-to-the-minute Facebook feed churning out news of a plane crash or a school shooting. It's why Louis C.K. goes to the doctors for the results of his check-ups, instead of them running up to him on the Palladium's main stage. And then, there was this little moment of hooray:

This is me at Scare-A-Con 2014, with Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu of both Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic, posing with the miniatures of TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester I made them as gratitude for all the laughs over the years and the years to come. Here's a close-up of the figures:

These guys got so many hits that I realized that my own blog was in a sad, SAD state, and I kind of threw myself into an anxiety attack over it. That, and that I didn't put the watermark over the photo until now (which I know my assistant will kill me for.) Yeesh. So now we have a Twitter feed, updated links, and an actual Convention Calendar again.

Regarding AMPUTHEATRE: I'm a hell of a lot more done on the revised rulebook than I previously thought. I'm taking out the rules on Cheat Burns (the idea of just throwing Cheats into your die rolls) and just making far more useful Cheats. All it needs is a few more illustrations and formatting, and we're gold. I thought about adding a Glossary to the book, but... I don't know; maybe that can just go up on the website. The book is averaging like 50 pages now... I know that will turn off players, as if ripping off heads and arms won't turn off players...

Anyway. First Friday at The Hungerford is coming up, and I have chili to cook. And a new cartoon to start scripting... ya know, I love that panel of Slick whispering to Perky. That's likely going to become a meme in the near future.


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