Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quarter after 1

Been a while since I updated. So what's been happening...?

UBCon was fantastic. As always, my friends and I enjoy ourselves up there. And hey: if you bought an AMPUTHEATRE figure from me at the show, you have a free Slasher sheet coming. So email me and get your free PDF!

On the recreational front, my friends and I finished the Endless Setlist 2 on Rock Band 2. On Medium. Harmonix can get bent for putting "Visions" on the disc, and I am far too busy to learn how to play that incomprehensible death metal garbage (written by the boss's daughter) on Hard or higher. Feel free to respond with how you personally beat the song on Expert- it will be met with steel-tipped apathy. 84 songs in a row makes one abhorrent to play Rock Band ever again.

Still building monsters and stuff. I should have a few more AMPUTHEATRE guys up for sale on Etsy in a few days. I've also been updating a lot of Slashers towards the new rules. My website also needs a few changes, so I'll be updating that as well.

Oh, BTW- I'm contributing my claws, my lungs, and my sardonicness to the Roc City Roller Derby as their announcer. My official kitschy derby name is, um... well, The Gil-Monster because everyone kind of knows me around here. I could come up with a name- Creep Throat and Dreadful Howard were in the running- but I'm betting that I'd hear a "Gil!!!!" in the audience and thus ruin my secret identity and invite all my super-powered arch-nemeses (the band Abnormality, for example) to go after my loved ones.

So in commentator practice, I'm watching some roller derby matches- as well as an old WWF Royal Rumble tape from 1992.

Because as a broadcast team, Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were the motherlovin' shiznit.

...Oh, "Dreadful Howard" is a pun of The Dreadful Hours, an incredible album from My Dying Bride, who routinely make albums that are better than anything in your sad, SAD musical library. Haven't you bought For Lies I Sire yet? Are you stupid...?

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