Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The abridged recap

ehold! Your garishly ghoulish Gil-Monster ascends cackling from the illustrious halls of Horror Realm! It was a great show- and I can say that independently of the fact that college gaming conventions typically don't let you walk around with open containers of beer. Thanks as always to Miss Dee and Rich Dalzotto for managing everything so smoothly.

For me, what matters the most is that AMPUTHEATRE was a hit. It was my first couple of games in a long time, and I think the Slashers missed me terribly. All the players caught on fairly quick, and they fell in love. Of note is that this being a horror convention, Trigger Treat was the darling of the Slashers, not Jinglebunny. I also won three games in a row with Ixnay (trust me. This is an anomaly. Not that Ixnay sucks in combat- on the contrary; he's quite good- but one of the standards in any and all games of AMPUTHEATRE is that I'm bled out and mopped up before anyone else playing.) Oh, and who know who played AMPUTHEATRE on Sunday...? Tom Savini! ...'s son James! He loved it. He's like eight.

I added both Happy Cloud Pictures and the Strychnine Sisters to the links list (but there's links there too in case you get afflicted with palsy before the next sentence and lack the strength to scroll down). I appreciate the free DVD's from Mike and Amy, and the Sisters were such awesome table neighbors... thank you Jen and Ramona for keeping an eye on things.

vincent price aka the king by *bloodedemon on deviantART

Got this for the wife. This is an oil painting from Chris Kuchta. Sweet, no? I wonder how his AMPUTHEATRE renditions would turn out...

Okay, fading. Bedtime.

...Wait, one more thing. Tiffany...? Tiffany Shepis? It was so cool to meet you at the show. And if you're reading this, I still have that little shark guy you liked.

-The Gil-Monster

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