Thursday, September 17, 2009


eaving shortly for the Horror Realm in Pittsburgh, PA! Quite the guest list, eh...? Tony (Candyman) Todd? Ken (Dawn of The Dead) Foree? Leslie (The Devil's Rejects) Easterbrook? Chop-Top hisself, Bill (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)? And -r-r-r-ROWR; Tiffany (My eyes are up HERE, Gil) Shepis?

As such, the Etsy store is on vacay until Monday. Last year (don't tell nobody) I wound up selling a couple monsters to online folks after convention folks had already taken those same creatures home. Oopsie.

Anyway, with this show I'm beginning a new tradition- or rather, realizing an existing one. Because they take so flipping long to do, your humble Gil-Monster is now making but one C'Thulhu figure a year. This is the 2009 edition of everyone's favorite Great Old One:

He stands nine inches high and his body is built completely from Chenille Stems! The good folks at the Horror Realm have first crack a buying this bad boy, so if your life is devoid of joy save for poseable handmade C'Thulhu figures, git yoah ASS to PEETSbahrg!!

Oh, yes- some of you have been asking when the next game of AMPUTHEATRE will be. I would love to resume public games in October. I miss the hell my Slashers cause and I truly belive that my gameboard gets parched for blood the more it's neglected. In the meantime, I have a demo board for horror shows which will see some of AMPUTHEATRE's carnage drench the Horror Realm HINT-HINT bajeebus HINT.

See you there. And if you New Yorkers AREN'T crossing state lines, then I suppose you had best stay and watch my honies in the Roc City Roller Derby crush their opposition in their first-ever double header bout, this Saturday, at the Dome Center!

...It's your choice. Sex and violence? Or sex and violence?

You think too long. I go.

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