Monday, November 24, 2014

Matadors and gorynychs

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Greetings, Rochester Mini Maker Faire attendees! Welcome to the Chenille Macabre blog! I'm still in awe over how huge that show was, as my assistant will tell you. Did you manage to get a good look at the Gorynych I contributed to the raffle? I think it's pronounced "GORE-ee-NYKE", and I should have printed that on the publicity card I provided so as not to embarrass the announcer.

But apparently she had trouble saying "Chenille Macabre", so what can you do.

So this week marks the beginning of Holidays at The Hungerford, when from 10am-3pm each Saturday- starting on Small Business Saturday and ending prior to Christmas Day- the Blue Toucan Studio will be open to the public. I'll be there for a majority of them- and dammit, let's see if we can't get some AMPUTHEATRE going at a few of them too, huh? Geez, I miss that game... Come on down; follow the link in the sidebar!

So: follow Chenille Macabre on Facebook, and join the AMPUTHEATRE Facebook group so you'll know when a game is happening! That's it for now; enjoy the rest of the site!

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