Wednesday, January 16, 2013


AMPUTHEATRE will be at RunningGAGG 2013: A Con You Can't Refuse this coming February 9th and 10th, at SUNY Geneseo. Come play it already, won't you...?

Apologies for the total lack of updates. As a New Years' Resolution, I'm concentrating on blogging instead. Why? Here's an FB post of mine you missed on December 14th because you likely aren't friends with me...

Gil Merritt sits before his Facebook Look Back At 2012. "What the SHIT, Zuckerburg."
"Ah! The Gil-Monster! My loyal frien-emy! Behold your own personal Year In Review! Ah yes, GAZE back in time... you placed in the Vertex Halloween contest for a FIFTH time... you saw the dinosaur skeletons in New Mexico... a cat sat on your ass..."
"Oh yes! What a GLORIOUS time in your life, when you LINKED TO THAT CARTOON of the puppy and bunny playing with action figures!"
"Well, it's CUTE, but... but it was just a LINK. Wait- is this whole Year In Review bullshit driven by 'Likes'?"
"I bet you remember EXACTLY where you were at that moment when you saw that!"

"YEAH, but- At my COMPUTER, dillhole! Look, there was A LOT MORE to my year than just that! I was on TELEVISION with my artwork! And I raised $500 for Golisano Childrens Hospital by playing video games all day! And I saw Korpiklaani in concert! And..."
"I am The WATCHER. I am sworn not to interfere. Like you, I must simply wait and observe the events as they occur."
"I didn't even DRAW the cartoon! You try to write something funny; you're not FEELING it atm; you POST something that's FUNNY! THIS IS *NOT* MY LIFE!!!"
Not that anyone else on FB saw this, because while I was typing this, chuckling to myself and thinking that it'll make a couple of people smile, the FB News Feed featured updates of upset friends reacting to the Sandy Hook School Shootings as they occurred in Newtown. Whee- fun fun. Tried to get my mind off the whole horror.

Then I lost a sale that day, as someone reconsidered buying my miniatures because of the tragedy. That was MY kick in the jimmies. You're THE CULTURE, Gil, an ominous voice boomed, and YOU'VE gotta clean up your act so THOSE people across the line in the sand can keep their guns.  

The ass-tumor that somehow found a job as head of the NRA didn't help matters either. Watching him gurgle out-and-out bullshit about violent video games such as a never-before-heard-of Flash game called "Kindergarten Killers" was a delightful heel grind in my scrotum. The level of obscurity told me it could just as easily have been AMPUTHEATRE he mentioned. I mean, I could have used the press, but not the fury that comes from being grossly, incorrectly blamed on television for the deaths of innocent children. (I've got high cholesterol, so says my doctor.)

So for now anyway, fuck Facebook and its endless squabbling wall of slacktivist memes and disgorged viewpoints that will not receive the time of day from me. I've already burned enough valuable crafting time writing anything MORE than "
AMPUTHEATRE will be at RunningGAGG 2013: A Con You Can't Refuse this coming February 9th and 10th, at SUNY Geneseo. Come play it already, won't you...?"