Monday, March 23, 2009

Behold: Crossface!

I noticed that the Psychopath Miniatures section of the store was running a little empty, so I threw some new miscreants in there. Go check them out.

I've also (finally) uploaded new photos to the Chenille Macabre Gallery. With my favorite sold pieces, it's over twice as big as before. I'll be changing a lot of my links to here; relying on deviantART is a little tacky. (Forgive me if comments like "Boy, I'd sure like to have that" wear on a soul such as myself who 1) dwells in a world built upon trade and transactions and 2) wonders what part of the "Buy me!" link seems to confuse people...)

On the AMPUTHEATRE front, I'll be at SIMCON at the University of Rochester this Saturday (12-4 pm) and Sunday (9:30- 2pm) to run a demo of its horrific gameplay. Come see me!

...I'm still waiting on the rulebook, nonetheless I'm going to keep making AMPUTHEATRE figures to stock the store...

...such as the evil reverend Crossface! On sale now!

...I know, I know- not quite as good as the one I made for my sister:

...but not only is he just a tad out of scale for tournament play, but I got the vibe that the Build-A-Bear Workshop didn't seem like they ever wanted to see me again. They don't offer little black hearts to sew into your bears, sadly. Besides, using real Bibles for the skirt gets expensive.

See you at the Con!

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