Friday, March 20, 2009

Chenille Macabre on Toy Break!

I woul 've poste this sooner, but we've ha no hot water for a few ays, which has ma e me hate everything that oesn't offer me anything but cleanliness. Including the "D" key on my keyboard. Little fucker. Staring at me weird... you saw it; he wanted to start up some shit...

But now we're back.

If you check out the Chenille Macabre Home Page, you'll see my work featured on the March 16th episode of Toy Break! It's an excitedly positive review around the 19:15 mark. Thanks go out to Colby for sending the monsters he bought at ZombieFest 2008 off to the show, and to Spencer in Lawrenceville, GA for alerting me to the show (and for buying the adorably repugnant Rot Demon)!

On the AMPUTHEATRE Home Page is now a "Store" link that directly takes you to the AMPUTHEATRE section of the Etsy store, to make the purchase of figures easier.

And while we're on the subject of AMPUTHEATRE, two more things...

  1. I'll be at SIMCON 2009 in my hometown of Rochester, NY this coming weekend of March 28-29, hosting an AMPUTHEATRE Splatter Royal, which is just basically people rotating in and out as they slice each other to ribbons. As always, there's no pre-registration; all you need is your con badge and you can play.
  2. Evil Warden Jeff Thelen has started up an AMPUTHEATRE FaceBook group. Of course, anytime I link to something in FaceBook, it never works- so if you're on FaceBook, and you want to be a part of the group, you know what to do.

...By the way, a few of you have alerted me to the new game for the Nintendo Wii- MadWorld- an outrageously violent game which possesses the same spirit of AMPUTHEATRE, with my favorite style of artwork (black, white and red all over). It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sadly, I don't have a Wii (I've never been a big fan of Nintendo) so I'll either have to wait for SEGA to make it for my XBOX360, or swap consoles for a week with my Wii-owning friends Chris and Justine Pallace, who I know want a week alone with Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Condemned: Criminal Origins...

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