Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...but you wouldn't know it

...C'mon, Gil. How hard can this thing be to update? Oy.

It stems from building monsters every day- which is near to what I do nowadays- leaving me little time to wax poetic on teh intrawebs. And when I do get some time, I don't feel exorbitantly witty or anything... so my blog just rots... unloved... blah... tell Laura it loves her...


Well, I will be at Horror Realm 2009 (formerly the ZombieFest) in Pittsburgh, PA this fall. Which means there will be Chenille Macabre, there will be AMPUTHEATRE, and there will be me spending my hard-earned pipe cleaner money on more hard-to-find horror memorabilia. Last year's swag included a Dawn Of The Dead T-shirt autographed by Ken Foree and this striking image from a crazy-pantspants-carzy named Joshua Hoffine- which I also had autographed, and framed for my wife for Xmas.

The rulebook for AMPUTHEATRE is coming soon. The website is also being updated, a piece at a time. The figures are out now, and you can buy them here.

Our newest Slasher, the sinister Bagman, is both for sale and part of the Etsy Dark Team's Monthly Exhibition for March, as well as two packs of my Zombie Minis! Go check those out.

And gosh; is it me, or do Gnash and Jinglebunny look just a little different than last we saw them...? That's because they, along with a certain eyeball-yanking phantom, have been bought; boo yah!

So I put new figures of them up as soon as I could. Which brings me to a certain point I need to make: when I remake figures, I'll be making them a touch different every time. This is my creative license.

But under no circumstances will they play any different.
A Jinglebunny with googly eyes has the exact same Slasher sheet as one with felt eyes. Yes- I understand the prospect of lots more money trickling out of my hands, whizzing down my leg, and into the sewer, but in my opinion, getting two different characters out of either a different pair of pants or- worse- a more dramatic pose is... what are the words? Right. Really, really ashamedly LAME.

I told myself I'd build at least one more psychopath mini tonight. Don't forget: Horror Realm 2009!

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