Monday, March 30, 2009

New Slasher: Kaiaphas

Oh yes. I forgot to mention that at SIMCON, a new Slasher joined the AMPUTHEATRE Rogues' Gallery: Kaiaphas:

Formerly an enforcer of the brutal Third Eye gang operating out of Los Diablos, California, Diego DeJesus gave no quarter and asked for none- that is, until his AMPUTHEATRE competition. Convicted for murdering four families in a turf dispute, DeJesus was sentenced to battle Lycosus and several other convicts to the death. As the battle raged, DeJesus lost both of his arms to an opponent who happened to procure a chainsaw in the arena. In this moment, DeJesus was terrified by the realization of his own mortality, and sobbed uncontrollably. Out of panic, he turned to Lycosus- the only Slasher he witnessed using magic in the conflict- and promised unwavering loyalty to the Spider Priest if he could be saved from death. The flattered Lycosus agreed, and conjured four arachnid-like limbs in DeJesus’ arm stumps to replace his lost limbs. Now the loyal bodyguard of Lycosus, DeJesus has taken the name of Kaiaphas at the Spider Priest’s behest. In an act of disrespect common amongst initiates to the Spider Cult, Kaiaphas wears a crucifix covered in cobwebs.

Kaiaphas is a Slasher serving as a replacement for Kali, whom I decided to remove from AMPUTHEATRE (aside from the theological reasons, I thought she looked a little too much like Goro and Sheeva from Mortal Kombat, honestly). So with the market opened for a four-armed Slasher, I whipped up a henchman for Lycosus.

Kaiaphas has many Hold attacks, a Charge he can use from the Rising position (which I never got to use because it requires all four arms, and that meant dropping the Outboard Motor he picked up) and his Hourglass Smash- an attract move that pulls an opponent into a Stunning headbutt. It's a sick attack that gets sicker the more arms he has free.

...I might make more henchmen for Lycosus- but sparingly. I've tried in the past, and Kaiaphas is the first one who has stuck with me.

He won the first AMPUTHEATRE game on Sunday; killing four Slashers with the Outboard Motor. BWA HA HA HA HA HA...