Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you know how LONG that goddamn Bane mask took to make

So not only will I be at Roc-Con, but it looks as if AMPUTHEATRE will also be a part of the Queen City Conquest in Buffalo, NY that dame samn weekend. The convention clash will not get us down; Evil Wardens DB and Remy will be running The World's Goriest Board Game on Saturday and Sunday. Once I get the email confirmation (despite how long I've known con chair Tim Hannon, I'm still surprisingly bureaucratic about all this), I'll throw teh link in teh sidebarz.

UPDATE: Confirmed. Times are on Saturday and Sunday, 1-7PM and 1-ClosePM.

Artwork dump-o-rama this week. LET'S GO:


A drawing of D'Seff I've been futzing with while sales on Etsy don't transpire. Life gives you lemons...

QUE!? AMPUTHEATRE Traps that take less than an hour to make and cost less!? Yes, Virginia: these Paper AMPUTHEATRE Traps were a fun summer project! Behold the ferocious proximity of The Yeti-In-The-Box! Impale your opponents groin-first on the Judas Cradle! Finally, huck an enemy Slasher or even their limbs into the Mandible Incinerator!

All can be easily assembled once exhumed by your printer, and include their respective rules printed on their bottoms! Gimme a few weeks, and I'll have the set available on the Drive-Thru RPG marketplace!

Speaking of Traps, here's a Garrotte I built for Evil Warden DB. The Garrotte's a good third Device Trap for your AMPUTHEATRE boards, seeing as it only hurts Slashers Running Randomly- BOY does it hurt them. And I like to gussy them up, since I'm paid to put two poles... on a... base. With... a string.

For you AMPUTHEATRE customizers, the skulls come in packs of like ten or twelve, and are available now for the Halloween season at Michaels Arts and Crafts And Getting Busted For Marking Up Custom Framing Prices By 50% And Then Giving Customers 50% Off So They Think They're Saving Money But Continuing To Falsely Advertise Anyway.

I realized I didn't have my OWN Garrotte. There was a "Skull & Bones" Vending Machine in the area about a year ago, into which I promptly inserted an entire paycheck. It gave me tons of cheap vinyl tombstones, gargoyles, and the Reapers you see here.

Oh, and Beth over at Pandaman suggested I make some figures of established characters- but GORE THEM THE FUCK UP like I do with AMPUTHEATRE. Here's fucking SKELETOR, goddammit- annexing the Pandaman bar counter for the site of a new Snake Mountain. He's available at the store. I have a sick Mumm-Ra in mind now...