Friday, August 17, 2012


It's hardly a secret that your friendly neighborhood Demon Prince of Pipe Cleaners is gaga over violent video games. The sun might as well not shine on the day he DOESN'T towel zombie guts off his chainsaw with a ninja's flayed skin. Hell, VVG's were the driving force behind the creation and realization of his own AMPUTHEATRE, The World's Goriest Board Game.

But now I'm going to use such games to benefit more than just myself. I'm going to play
video games for charity- specifically, for the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

GCH is a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital and it treats thousands of children each year- even with the economy being what it is. Said kids suffer from a lot of things that ONLY belong in creatures and AMPUTHEATRE Slashers that The Gil-Monster makes: cancer, cystic fibrosis, injuries from accidents... ad depressum.

So on Oct. 20th, 2012, I'll attempt to play an epic 24-hour video game marathWHUH!? TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF STRAIGHT GAMING!?!?!? JESUS BUTTON-MASHING CHRIST; is THAT what I signed on to do!? After only five hours of straight gaming is when a cholesterol-brick with a note tied to it flies up my throat and into my cranium reading "Brain: STOP PLAYING NOW or we varicose the legs. Love, The Circulation"! So it's my sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support me with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to my hospiWAIT a minute: the TWENTIETH of OCTOBER!? The day before my WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!?!? OH, for... ARRRGGHHH!!! "Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I got you ME: atrophied, trembling and bloodshot!!" I'm unable to personalize any more of this while I'm cowering beneath my desk; take it away, form letter!

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

Last year, Extra Life raised more than 1.2 million dollars to save kids, but in 2012 our goals, just like the needs of the kids we serve, are much, much higher.

The Gil-Monster can't do this without your help. Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please click the "Support This Participant" button on the donation page:

Thank you for caring for our kids!

...Okay, I'm back. Please give generously. Looks like something fairly simple, like a dollar or two per hour that I play? (It adds up if a lot of you do it.) And it's been added to the sidebar.