Monday, August 20, 2012

It's never too soon to bash Tom Cruise

ERMAGERD, MOAR- hmmmm? Yes, I DID notice that Rorschach was taller than Kintaro. Much obliged, Sherlock. Maybe you should correct this sneering oversight and BUY one of them at this year's Roc-Con...?

Confession: I love Kintaro. I love him and I love to build him.

We have an 8' x 8' area to work in at this show. It's the standard, but I'm trying to build a vertical rack for my monsters so we can comfortably play AMPUTHEATRE in the same space. And that will help at other shows as well when I simply can't for whatever reason run The World's Goriest Board Game...

The new miniatures in the store this week are a Frostdrake and a Psychopath with Knife. More dragons never hurt a show, and consider this: when you buy a superhero figure, how many thugs do you have for them to beat up...? Consider taking two or three generic mohawked, masked nemeses home along with Daredevil or Batman- all The Kingpin and the Penguin do is talk, anyway.


Oh yeah: found this again when I was uploading pics. It's the piece I did for the 6x6x2012 exhibit earlier this summer. It's a top-down piece with an arctic octopus and a fierce candidate for The Cutest Damn Animal I ever made:

Anyone in town recognize this...? I never got a chance to hit the exhibit myself and see if it made the walls.


...That sucks about Tony Scott; director of The Hunger. I can only imagine why he would go and end his life like that, but since he was in talks with L. Ron Hubbard's favorite Wall Of Teeth about a Top Gun sequel, I'm striking while the iron is hot:

"Hey, Tony! I'm ready and raring to go on Top Gun II! So, when do I return to the... DANGER Zone?"
"Actually, Tom, time's kind of caught up with us. This treatment of the script suggests that Maverick is now an Air Force colonel with his own team of hot shots; sending them on unregulated missions and defying military brass to save the day. You know, like Nick Fury in The Avengers?"
"Did you SEE M:I 4, shitbird? Has Xenu BLINDED you to all the commercials for The Expendables??? I'M flying that plane! OLD is the NEW YOUNG!!! Now, where's my F-14 Tomcat?"
"Tom, it's been over 20 years! The F-14 is RETIRED!"
"OH, so your prejudice against the elderly extends to VEHICLES too, HUH, Tony? Listen, bitch: THE TOM-CAT FLIES THE TOMCAT!! And I want it to read 'DIE KATIE YOU WHORE' across the fuse-lodge! But spell 'Katie' with a 'Y', for lest we forget: I am an ACT-tore."
"Why...? WHY wasn't The Hunger a bigger hit!?"
"Oh: and have the jet painted a shimmering teal with [air-claws] tiger scratches in abalone cream, and have a cosmo mixer installed in the [titter] cock pit. Because I am adamantly not gay."