Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Just a reminder that AMPUTHEATRE, Chenille Macabre, and I will be at Roc-Con 2012 (check the Conventions link)  in the Main Street Armory the weekend of September 21-23. It's been local shows this year only. The most out-of-town I went was Buffalo, and that's sadly how it has to be. Traveling last year, both to GenCon and my old standby Horror Realm, has taken its toll on my AMPUTHEATRE budget. Not having to worry about gas and hotels turns local shows into a no-brainer.

So to attract you all to Roc-Con, I'm making superhero miniatures to sell! These guys will ONLY be available at shows, Click to embiggen.

I love Poison Ivy and Catwoman most of all. Harley Quinn needs a weapon...

Oh, and before you ask: NO I'M NOT GOING TO DRAGON*CON