Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Car Accident"

Hey, did you know I used to do this...? I FORGOT I used to do this. Looking to get back into it after waaaay too long a time, so please forgive the artwork sucking whilst I find my sealegs.

The official "Perky & Slick" font is now typeable thanks to Font Generator. Ten bucks and a scanner puts your handwriting (or the delightfully evil "Dremel" font that I scratch into AMPUTHEATRE crap) onto your keyboard. Check it out.

I get to proofread my cartoons. Fuck yeah. Well YES I did so twenty years ago. But with whiteout. And careful meticulous Sharpie-ing. And screaming WHY DIDN'T I WRITE THIS LINE IN THE FIRST PLACE...

So don't hold me to any schedule, that's all I ask. I will likewise make more of these and- as a bonus- not put any prose underneath them that explains my thought processes about them because




-The Gil-Monster