Saturday, February 16, 2013

Customs round-up

New monsters in the store. Go looky. Gonna try to make a habit of uploading Etsy monsters on Saturday mornings since I don't feel like building but I gotta do something...

Time for a recap of the custom figures I've built lately. Like Borderlands 2...? Check out AMPUTHEATRE custom skins of both Dessica and Varga dressed like Tiny Tina, Mad Moxxi and Scooter!
Pretty sweet, no? Tiny Tina is smaller than the other Slashers and laden with more backpacks than a Bonnaroo concert crowd, so she was NOT the easy build.

Originally a graphical glitch that the game designers left in, Tiny Tina has a lazy eye. I discolored the left eye to reflect this.

I wish Scooter was thinner (that's a side effect of the felt). And that I made Moxxi's tails longer. But I think I got the faces but good.

If you're ever feeling shitty and that life holds no more meaning, type "Borderlands 2 Mad Moxxi" in your Google image search bar. No need to thank me over the hour before your monitor while your life exponentially improves.

Meanwhile on the non-able-to-have-your-head-and-arms-pulled-off-for-AMPUTHEATRE front... 

...we've got a custom Glenn Danzig figure I built as a commission for a customer who wanted a birthday gift for her Danzig-loving boyfriend. Glenn stands 5" (12.7 cm) high with doll hair, clothing of denim and window screen, and a cross and belt buckle cut from plastic. I gave him a wooden microphone and beastly gloves like in the "Kiss The Skull" video.
This is a custom figure of my friend Ron, better known as Roc City Roller Derby referee Dick Move. This is the ARBITER WARRIOR figure commissioned by his mom, who is Derby Mom. The chain in the mace retracts into the head, and a poisoned sword is hidden in the shaft! Coolest weapon of ALL.

I saved the most heart-warming job for last. Prior to Christmas, a client asked me to build a monster of one of his son's drawings for him (that's in the inset). This is something I was made for.

And I've added bloodshot eyes to my repertoire! Thanks to the Kelner family! And keep those requests coming, kiddos!

-The Gil-Monster