Friday, October 10, 2014

New Slasher: Dionne

Back from AMPUTHEATRE at Millennium Games. I updated the Temple Of Bloodshed arena with a new Chaos Card deck. Almost every Weapon in it lets you perform Reversals while wielding them- save for the Chainsaw, Cleaver and Crowbar that are Chaos Deck standards. Almost every Spell in it is a buff. Weaken, Impede, and Deafen are three new Spells that force its target to only Counter, Dodge and Resist attacks, respectively- in fact, a Slasher can choose to cast them on themselves.

But coolest of all, I introduced a new Slasher into the mix! Meet Dionne:
I don't have a proper history for her yet; I'll come up with that soon. Basically, Dionne is a maenad beginning her first year at college- and who killed everyone at a frat party because... because that's how hard maenads party. And she's still not satisfied! So of all the women in AMPUTHEATRE, there wasn't one that was an utterly chaotic, full-blown psychopath -neither a Harley Quinn nor a Tira in the bunch. For me, Dionne fills that niche. She's wearing an oversized Greek letter sweater as a toga, with a makeshift belt from some unlucky ombudsman's intestines.

Simply put, Dionne is a berzerker character. Every time she hits someone, she becomes more durable. She has excellent Movement, superb combo potential and a great wake-up game- she can Sunder from the ground. Her charge is longer than most, and she boasts a taunt that is both incredibly amusing and rewarding. On the downside, her Resist and Escape scores aren't the best (it is possible to Hold her still until she calms down) and her arsenal is probably too focused on the Counter-side of things.

Evil Deeds:
Bacchanalia: Dionne gains a stack of Carnage protection every time she inflicts Carnage. It stacks up to three times and can reduce Carnage against her by as much as 1/4.
Can Crush: Dionne chugs a beer and crushes the can against her forehead, Stunning herself. But this is a dare: anyone attempting to hit her must inflict at least 10 Pints of Carnage, or she reverses it into a Sunder! Dionne can perform this during the Rally Action, as well as While Rising. Beware: Missiles and Spells will override this taunt.
Party Crasher: Her most important Attack. Dionne charges all Slashers on a single space, Bleeding all she hits. It's a mid-to-long range charge that gets her into the thick of combat- where she belongs. This charge is completely safe if Dionne targets more than one victim with it- and the more Slashers on that space- the higher her chances of earning Bacchanalia.
Orpheus Strike: An Assault that inflicts double the Carnage during its Battery. Not a reliable death move, but the possibility of earning a Cheat is fairly high.

Desperate Measures:
Paradoxical Laughter: Dionne earns Cheats upon inflicting but 15 Pints of Carnage, instead of 20. Say no more.
The Bloody Earth: Dionne scratches a Blood Pool from the ground on her space. (I took that name from a My Dying Bride song.)

To succeed with Dionne, get her into the fray and never back down. Absorbing Blood Pools will shut off her Bacchanalia, so keep her Wounded to make use of Paradoxical Laughter. Taunt your opponents with a Rally Action Can Crush- many Slashers would rather nor risk getting Sundered.

We debuted her today and two players want this figure. I think she's a hit...

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