Thursday, October 9, 2014

ONE HORROR FILM A DAY! "The Reeds" and "Ravenous"

Okay, so I saw The Reeds which is about six British thirty-somethings who rent a small yacht and cruise up a freshwater river, only to find ghost kids who set fire to the dog of a marshland serial killer who stuffs his victims in gibbets at the bottom of the river in a doppleganger-heavy swamp which is trapped in a inter-dimensional quantum loop I think...? Well, the yacht gets moored on a sharp metal thing, which the most obnoxious Brit tourist falls on, so the other Brittourists have to walk along the boat very carefully so as not to aggravate the internal bleeding. And then they cut through the giant metal thing with a hacksaw, which I had trouble believing until all the other weird stuff happened. The acting was good, though. 2/5 times a guy with a massive chest wound is carted from place to place.

I had only seen Ravenous the one time, I think before the turn of the millennium when my wife Dee was still notably crushing on Robert Carlyle. It is during the Mexican-American War, and Guy Pearce plays John Boyd, a U.S. Army captain exiled to a remote fort in the Sierra Nevadas due to his cowardice. Not long after his deployment, a Scottish stranger named Colqhoun (Carlyle) arrives and tells them of his wagon train's fatal encounter with the man-eating, Native American monster Wendigo. I enjoy this film very much; it's almost a black comedy of sorts with Carlyle's psychosis and Pearce as a dubious protagonist. And I love cannibal films where they just tuck into the eating! Oh: and did you know Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz co-wrote the soundtrack? 5/5 droplets of blood pouring into someone's mouth.

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